Facebook, Google, and other sites are monitoring what you click on and edits what you see.@elipariser #TED


57 Signals that Googles uses to “personally tailor” your search results@elipriser#TED


We are moving to a world where the internet shows us what we want to see not what we should see@elipriser#TED


The Filter Bubble is a “personal unique universe” that you only you see, but you don’t see what is outside of this bubble.@elipriser #TED



WE are battling our future selves and our present selves@elipriser#TED


We are surrounded by “information junk food”@elipriser#TED


We see a passing from human gateways to algorithmic gateways@elipriser#TED


These algorithms need to show us all points of view instead of what we want to see@elipriser#TED



Back in 1915 and need new algorithm gatekeepers to make sure a sense of civic responsibility@elipriser#TED


We need the internet to become more responsible and not limit us@elipriser#TED