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To: Dana Kilroy
From: Nick Rattigan, Kenny Bissett, Josh MacEachern
Recycled Records a local small business that has been a staple of the Reno community for over 30 years. Recently they have moved from their Kietzke location to a more desirable storefront in midtown.  In order to inform their current customers of the move and draw in new clients, we intend to host a grand opening event featuring local bands and record deals, culminating in the filming of their first commercial which will showcase their new location.Vinyl records are a historic medium, and few people are aware of the superior quality of vinyl and CD recordings versus modern MP3 players. This has created a unique problem for record stores, which across the nation are constantly losing sales to programs like Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes. In addition, younger generations who have never been to a record store do not realize that it is more than a place to buy music; it is also a popular hangout of many local musicians, artists, and music enthusiasts.Our strategy will encourage that atmosphere by drawing musicians and music lovers from all over Reno to see the new Recycled Records storefront and listen to local talent.The costs of this strategy will be relatively low. Local artists will often play for free in order to advertise themselves. The highest potential cost would come from the new commercial, which we propose be filmed in the classic homemade style that has become a trademark of Recycled Records.This plan will be great publicity for the store, and give those who may not be familiar with record stores an opportunity to see that music is more than a simple transaction, it is a passion to be enjoyed with others.

Contact: Josh MacEachern
Cell Phone 702/370-1040



Reno’s Oldest Record Store Welcomes Local Performing Musicians

Recycled Records, Reno’s go-to destination for classic vinyl and used CDs will now be showcasing local musicians as part of their Shop Show concert series. The store plans to welcome bands and solo performers to their in-store stage in their new midtown location.

The bi-monthly Saturday shows will feature a wide spectrum of music, and welcomes performers of all ages.

The showcases have already begun, but having finished moving the shop Recycled Records will now prepare to feature a new local artist at each event in order to support local music and provide in-store entertainment for shoppers.

“The area is awesome, it’s perfect for us,” Eric Jacobson, store manager said. “I mean we’re perfect for it.”

This weekend’s Shop Show will feature solo artist Josiah Knight.

Recycled Records is a secondhand retail music store that has served Reno/Sparks and Northern Nevada since 1978. Our new location is at 822 South Virginia Street in the Midtown Section of Reno.


Recycled Records Announces Bi-Monthly Shop Shows
Reno’s oldest Record Store seeks talent for the Recycled Records Stage

Recycled Records is currently looking for local musicians to take the stage at our new location in Midtown. These Shop Shows will offer a laid-back atmosphere celebrating mutual love of music on Saturdays at 1p.m. Last Saturday, Dec. 8, local folk musician Josiah Knight took the stage and went through several of his own songs. The customers and employees in the store at the time enjoyed Knight’s traditional folk flavor, which added a comfortable ambience to the store.



  • Recycled Records has been locally owned and operated since 1978
  • Shop Shows will take place Saturdays at 1:00pm on the Recycled Records Stage
  • Booking information can be found at or by calling (775) 826-4119

Recycled Records is a secondhand retail music store that has served Reno/
Sparks and Northern Nevada since 1978. Our new location is at 822 South
Virginia Street in the Midtown Section of Reno.

For a peek at last Saturday’s performance featuring Josiah Knight, go to:

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This had to be one of my favorite projects that I have worked on throughout the year. The subject matter of the other two stories were relatable to me, but this project made me feel as if I were actually doing something that mattered. My first two stories are just going to sit on this wordpress until they rot out of my memory, but the video that we made can be used by Recycled Records to promote these shop shows. Along with feeling a sense of purpose, the freedom of creativity that we had on this project gave a lot of room to grow. We were not defined by strict layouts, therefore making the video could be much more interesting than a 5 o’clock news piece.

Working with the owner of Recycled Records was great, because he never gave me any problems. Literally any idea that we wanted to do he would support, even if he didn’t end up using it. Again, this left the opportunities open for a lot of creative space. In the end I am glad we went with the shop shows, because it was an area that was simple enough to spotlight in a tasteful way. Even though we only brought in one performer the video can be shown countless times to promote and encourage more performances in this shop. It is my hopes that they will put the video on there Facebook or website and it could create some buzz around town for artists or DJs to come in and play.